Domino's, Feel Free Not To Robocall Me

Domino’s new pizza recipe is such an improvement, even robots are getting excited. Joel says he got a robocall with a “special offer” from Domino’s. He writes:

I just got robocalled by Domino’s about 5 minutes ago on my cell phone with a “customer appreciation deal.” Although I only lost one of my anytime minutes, this is still pretty obnoxious behavior, and I’d consider it (obviously just from a good-manners perspective) misuse of customers’ phone numbers. When I give them my number, it’s so we can coordinate a delivery, not so they can cold-call me. Anyway, I just thought you and your readers might be interested in this. I’m sure other people are experiencing the same thing.

If you too have been robocalled by Domino’s, let us know. Because it may be that the robot just has a thing for Joel and was using the whole special offer just as an excuse to hear his voice.

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