Congrats, World, You Will Snarf 21 Million Tons Of Cheese In 2015

Cheese is on track to blow up, baby. Global Industry Analysts projects a 20 percent worldwide increase in cheese-munching from 2008 to 2015, when the world will gobble 21 million metric tons of the stuff, according to a press release on PR Web.

From the release:

Though the ongoing economic recession put a check on the cheese consumption pattern across the world, more so importantly in the developing nations, the future outlook for global cheese market still remains bright with consumption of cheese projected to grow by more than 20% between 2008-2015. Purchasing decisions, being increasingly guided by price, cheaper yet healthy and wholesome foods are surfacing back into the spotlight. Consumers are additionally exhibiting shifting preferences from imported cheese brands to locally produced cheese. Post recession, the demand for organic cheese is slated to make a comeback, with manufacturers expected to expand their product offerings. Innovation and product diversification will be the most prominent market strategies for manufacturers and suppliers in the post recession period.

Innovations, huh? Which cheese-ular advances are you hoping for? I’d like to see Cheetos that don’t leave your hands all messy, Swiss cheese with the holes filled in (to give you more value for your Swiss cheese dollar) and Kraft Doubles, Triples or Home Runs that make Kraft Singles obsolete.

Global Cheese Consumption to Reach 21 Million Metric Tons by 2015 [PR Web]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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