Energy Co Fills House With Oil, Endangering Family

A Long Island family was nearly incapacitated after a local energy company mistakenly delivered oil into a disconnected pipe on the front of their house, dumping nearly 50 gallons of heating oil into their basement.

The house filled with nauseous fumes and the father rushed himself and his pregnant wife and four and a half year old daughter to a nearby relative’s. The intake valve was a leftover from when the house was converted from oil to natural gas. The fire department recommends filling these pipes with concrete or removing them entirely to prevent these types of incidents.

Liability for the accident lies with the driver, but good lucking finding him. All they have is that it was a “white truck with blue lettering” that sped away from the scene.

L.I. Home Heated By Natural Gas Gets Oil Delivery! [wcbstv] (Thanks to William!)

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