Woman Says She Was Groped On Disneyland Ride

Disneyland’s Tower of Terror lived up to its name in a disturbing way last week, says a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a man seated next to her on the ride, ABC News Los Angeles reports. The ride’s photo caught the man semi-red-handed, either reaching toward the woman or pulling away.

From the story:

“The lights go out, and you drop, and when the lights went out is when he grabbed my left breast,” said (the woman). “I grabbed his hand and tried to shove him off of me. I didn’t know what to think at the time — just shock.”

The photo was shot during the ride, then later sold to customers. The picture was taken just seconds after the alleged incident. The photo shows Esquivel looking at the unidentified man. She says he then reached across and said he was sorry.

“My mom kind of leaned over to me and tried to get away from him as much as possible,” said Alexus, Christina’s daughter. “And she told me, ‘That guy just grabbed my boob.'”

Disneyland is working with the police to identify the man.

Woman allegedly groped on Disney park ride [ABC News Los Angeles]
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