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Sol Es

Report: FBI Asks Private Sector Companies To Stop Using Kaspersky Products

Obviously, it’s best practice to use antivirus and malware protection on anything you have that can connect to a network — and that goes double for businesses. But a new report says that the FBI is now asking several companies in the private sector to phase out use of products from Kaspersky Labs over concerns about the founder’s Russian background and ties. [More]

Jeremy Brooks

$105M Lawsuit Accuses Heineken Of Bullying Its Way Into Bars & Stores

When you think of Greece, you probably think of toasting friends with ouzo or sipping a nice wine, and not putting back a few bottles of Heineken. However, one Greek brewer claims the Dutch company has nevertheless bullied its way into staying on top of the country’s beer market and stymied competition over the last few decades in the process. [More]


FDA Warns 4 Tobacco Makers To Stop Selling Flavored Cigarettes Labeled As Cigars

If you want to sell an illegal product, simply slapping on a different label won’t magically make it legal. That’s why the Food and Drug Administration is ordering four tobacco manufacturers to stop selling flavored cigarettes labeled as “little cigars” or “cigars.” [More]

YouTube Calls Out T-Mobile For Throttling Video Traffic

YouTube Calls Out T-Mobile For Throttling Video Traffic

Net neutrality says that internet providers can’t throttle some services and speed others up. That much is clear. But if they’re throttling literally everyone, even those who didn’t sign up for it, is it still a violation? Google says yes, and has a definite complaint about the way T-Mobile is starting to handle video. [More]