How Should I Go About Whistle Blowing?

Scott says his company is misusing customers’ phone numbers to subject them to unwanted promotions. He wants to tell the company honchos and would like some advice for how to proceed. He writes:

I work at a company that I feel is doing something we shouldn’t. We have started calling customers to offer a free promotion. I feel that we got these customers phone numbers for a different reason and that it is wrong to call them all to advertise with special promotions. I have taken a big risk by sending a survey out to all of our employees to see what they thought, and so far, everyone agrees with me. I plan on presenting my arguments in a speech to the corporate office which I believe I can arrange in a couple of weeks. I am seeking advice from those who stick up for the customer for a living. Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated.

If you’ve ever been a whistle blower, or heck, if you just want to play armchair tattletale, give Scott some advice in the comments.

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