Barnes & Noble Is Unfailingly Polite While Breaking Promises To Customers

Did you think that perhaps Barnes & Noble’s epic problems getting the Nook e-reader in the hands of customers by Christmas would be over after Christmas? Not quite. Jesse Vincent blogged about his experience of broken promises, mysteriously canceled orders, and how Barnes & Noble still hasn’t even sent the famous $100 gift card that Nook customers were promised.

Here is the “short version” of the situation:

Barnes & Noble have, without a doubt, the worst customer service of any company I have dealt with in the past decade.

They’ve made repeated promises to me that they’ve failed to keep and told me that it’s my fault. They’ve put out _press releases_ about how generously they were taking care of the customers whose nooks failed to arrive for Christmas and then turned around and flatly refused to honor that promise.

Jesse notes that everyone he has dealt with at Barnes and Noble has been sympathetic and polite, but does it help to be sympathetic and polite while repeatedly breaking promises to customers?

Learn from my misery: Don’t buy a nook. [Massively Parallel Procrastination]

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