In Case You Were Wondering, Here Are NYC's 6 Most Interesting Urinals

I am pleased to report that I did not do the research for this study, but instead point you to for the results, which include a urinal where you pee on a 52″ flat screen.

From Asylum:

Unlike any other urinal you’ve seen, step inside the City Winery’s spankin’ new bathroom and spread ’em in front of their 52-inch flat-screen television. Yup, you aim directly at the screen — it’s even got a motion detector so it knows when someone’s ready to be entertained. “People are definitely surprised to see a TV, but it’s how we get a captive audience,” marketing director Alex Baldwin tells Asylum. Currently, you’ll find teasers for upcoming events at the Winery, outdoor shots of a meadow and other funny in-house videos. And if you laugh too hard, you don’t have to worry about peeing your pants!

Well, ok. The screen apparently shows live feeds of City Winery performances, also. Awkward.

The list also includes some crazy 140 year old urinals and restroom stalls with glass doors that frost over when the facilities are in use.

Urinals We Most Want to Pee In [Asylum via Gothamist]

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