Customer Waits Six Weeks For Best Buy To Not Fix His TV

A Best Buy customer has posted his ongoing TV repair saga over at Best Buy’s own forums, and it’s quite a read. Green blotches! Smoke! Parts were ordered! No parts were ordered! The wrong parts were ordered! Botched repairs! This all started back in November and his $3,000 TV still isn’t fixed–although the last time a Geek Squad tech came out, he handed the customer a sheet that said Best Buy had already spent $1,500 on repairs.

Here’s an excerpt:

Week later a different tech calls to say he is coming and I tell him only one box is here. He says it shows both boxes have been delivered. Shows up and of course doesn’t have needed parts. Says he will reorder. Writes down serial number and model number again.

Another week later the tech arrives and opens the boxes. Wrong parts!! Writes down the serial number and model number again to reorder parts.

Another week later…..again……arrives and opens the boxes. Surprise….wrong parts…..again. Tech tries to solder part onto old board to get tv working. After about 2 hours says he can’t fix the tv, will have to order parts. Writes down the serial number and model number….again. Say he will call me to confirm he ordered parts. Never received phone call.

I call the following week to check up on parts order only to find out no parts have been ordered. No reason why or when they will order parts. Geeks says they are having problem ordering parts. I ask how long they have had the problem. Two days he tells me. I tell him that parts were suppose to be ordered before then. He then tells me it has been longer than two days. I’m starting to get the feeling I’m running in circles.

I’m going to go hug my TV now and thank the gods that it didn’t come from Best Buy. There there, TV. You’re safe.

“TV Repair Time” [] (Thanks to Scott!)

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