40 Insane Things You Can Try To Eat For Free

CouponSherpa has put together a list of 40 “eating challenges” that will result in free food, t-shirts, prize money or other forms of winnings if you best them. Warning: Ew.

From CouponSherpa:

1. Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub

Location: Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Food Challenge: If you have two people and three hours, take on the Beer Barrel Belly Buster. The 15-pound burger includes a 20-inch patty, 17-inch bun, two onions, a head of lettuce, 25 slices of cheese, three tomatoes, mayo, mustard, relish and ketchup. Finish the challenge in three hours and it’s completely free! If you can’t finish the burger, it’ll cost you $49.95.

We think its cute that this requires 24-hours notice to the restaurant.

1-12-2010 11-48-27 AM.jpg

Place Your Bets: 40 Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenges for Free Food [CouponSherpa]

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