Walmart Greeter Punched, Fired

Ed was a Floridau Walmart greeter who said he fought a customer who attacked him in late December, accusing the employee of gross misconduct for fighting with a customer. Because the greeter defended himself, he lost his job, in Orlando reports.

From the news report:

On Dec. 26, a customer in red shorts set off an alarm while leaving the store. [Ed] followed the man to get his license number. The man got angry and took [Ed]’s clipboard. [Ed] said he tried to get it back and leaned into the customer who took a swing. [Ed] said he swung back in order to defend himself.

The assailant said Ed had used a racial slur against him.

How would you have handled the case if you were a Walmart executive?

Walmart Greeter Punched By Customer Gets Fired [ Orlando]
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