New Time Zone Discovered: BKST (Burger King Standard Time)

Ihsan says his lunch plans were foiled because he forgot to synchronize his watch to the 18-minutes-slow BKST.

He writes:

Today I had to take an early lunch and I stopped by Burger King for a Whopper. The lady at the drive-thru informed me that they do not server lunch until 10:30. I then let her know that it was already 10:30. She then explained that the computers at Burger King said that it was 10:12.

I thought that is strange let me go inside and verify this information. The man inside let me know the same thing. Their computers are set to a different time then the rest of the world. Is there a reason for this?

Good news for those who can’t get enough of New Year’s excitement — after you’re done partying in the advent of your own 2010, hustle over to Ihsan’s Burger King to spend a few more precious moments in 2009 before celebrating all over again at 12:18 a.m. your time.

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