Would You Try The Taco Bell Diet?

A direct answer to Subway’s Jared, Taco Bell’s new spokeswoman Christine says she lost 54 pounds in two years in part by substituting the restaurant’s lighter fare for her usual fast food splurges.

So can Taco Bell be your own, better-tasting Weight Watchers? The experts aren’t quite sure, ABC News reports:

“What I like is the availability of fast food items that are improved. Perfect is the enemy of good, and these offerings are pretty good,” said Dr. David Katz, director of Medical Studies in Public Health at Yale University. But, “I also suspect that most people hoping to ‘be’ Christine will be very disappointed, just as most Jared wannabes are. These are likely people who made a dramatic commitment to lifestyle change, and simply relied on a particular source of convenience food as part of their strategy. That doesn’t make that source of convenience food the solution!”

So which fast food company will step forward with the next weight loss wonder tale? I’m pulling for someone to say they lost their love handles by eating nothing but El Pollo Loco’s Ultimate Pollo Bowls, because I’d totally be down for that diet.

Subway Had Jared, Now Taco Bell’s Got Christine [ABC News]
(Thanks, Stephanie!)

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