Trucker Fired By Text Message

Randy was a trucker until he got a couple texts notifying him otherwise, South Carolina’s WTLX reports.

Randy tells WTLX he found the insensitive fate befell a colleague before the digital guillotine severed his neck:

He jokingly and with serious note to it said if that load was going to Alabama, that he was going to take the load and kick my (expletive) just so he could get home for Christmas,” said (Randy).

Only after getting two text messages a short while later did (Randy) realize he was out of a job.

This sort of thing makes the firing-by-webcam motif of the movie Up in the Air seem downright warm.

What’s the rudest way you were ever fired?

Columbia Trucker Laid Off Through Text Message [WLTX, via AOL]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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