Delta Cancels Flights Due To Storm, Plays "Let it Snow" For Customers On Hold

The massive snowstorm on the East Coast this weekend has led to canceled and delayed flights–and a lot of aggravation on the part of Delta Air Lines customers. Because the only thing better than waiting for hours on hold to learn your flight’s status or reschedule a flight canceled due to snow is listening to “Let it Snow.” On a loop.

Consumerist tried to obtain a recording as proof, but a few dozen attempts to call Delta customer service only resulted in busy signals.

Update: Here are some numbers for Delta that Consumerist readers report don’t result in busy signals.

  • 888-750-3284
  • 800-325-1999

Reader Lawrence vented to the Consumerist tipline:

I’m trying to get info on my canceled flight out of LGA due to today’s storm.

Not one single number works. it’s all busy signals. if you do get through and press 0 to get to an agent you enter a peaceful sea of slightly hissy silence. not one familiar sound of hold music or clicky transfer sounds. I’m trying to get info on my canceled flight out of LGA due to today’s storm.

Also, lots [of people on Twitter are] getting their flights canceled with out notice. I too signed up for flight alerts from their system but have gotten nary an email, SMS or phone call.

Now if you check United’s twitter you’ll see lots of great info on whats going on (often written in unnecessary and annoying twitter speak.) If you then get the smart idea to check out Delta’s Twitter you see: [the last post, made on June 17 -ed.] “What a day! Celebrating 80 years of nonstop service today. Pass the cake! More on Delta’s history”

As a consumer I want to know WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. I don’t need to be personally addressed. Just give me an easy place to find the info.

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