You Must Waste A Shopping Bag At Bath & Body Works, Or Else

Some retailers, like CVS, reward their customers for using reusable shopping bags. Others, like Macy’s and Borders, sort of do the opposite. Reader Jennifer says that this happened to her. A local Bath & Body Works store wouldn’t sell her anything if she stubbornly insisted in putting her purchase inside one of the bags she already had. Wait, isn’t she saving the store money by not taking a bag?

I visited the Bath and Body Works store at [redacted] Mall in [redacted], n December 17, 2009. The store has a great selection of products to choose from. After making my selections I proceeded to check out where I was treated rudely by the floor manager after requesting to use my own bag.

When I went to check out with my items I informed the cashier that I did not want a bag because I had my own. She told me store policy required her to place my items in their bag. I refused to take a store bag so she called the floor manager. When the floor manager arrived she asked what the problem was and I told her that if I was forced to take a bag that I would not purchase their products. She replied to me rudely, “That’s your problem.” Then I left the store without making a purchase.

I feel that the situation was handled incorrectly. This is poor customer service. First your floor manager was rude and unprofessional. She could have found a more tactful way to tell me that the store would not be able to meet my request and explain the purpose of the store’s policy. Second, this policy will only frustrate your customers that wish to use their own bag.

I would like a viable explanation of the store’s policy for customers wanting to use their own bag. I would also like the employee to understand that it is unprofessional and a poor business practice to disregard customer concerns in this manner. I appreciate your time in addressing my concerns.

The most likely explanation is that this is an anti-shoplifting measure at the busiest time of year for vendors of smelly stuff, but even the craziness of the busiest shopping day of the year doesn’t excuse the treatment Jennifer received from the cashier.

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