Macy's Doesn't Care If You Want To Save The Planet, Forces You To Take A Plastic Bag

Some people would rather not take a plastic bag if they don’t need one, ourselves included, because a) enough with the plastic bags already b) it’s wasteful and bad for the planet to take plastic bags when you really blatantly don’t need or want them.

With that in mind, here’s a letter from reader Erin:

I thought you might be interested in my experience at the usually sweet-faced Macy’s the other day.

While at the Galleria in Buffalo, I ran into Macy’s to purchase a couple pairs of winter tights. After being rung up, I told the salesperson that I didn’t need a bag. She told me that she had to give me a bag, that I wouldn’t be allowed out of the store without one. I said I would just show the receipt as my proof of purchase, and that it was no problem. Rosa told me that I could throw it out as soon as I left the store, but that I had to take it. I told her I didn’t want to take it because I didn’t WANT to throw it away and waste it, that I don’t use plastic bags on principle. She refused to give me my tights without the bag. I was so furious at this forced environmental waste. How ridiculous and unnecessary. Great customer service!


We’d really like to see them try to prevent you from leaving the store just because you don’t have a bag. Don’t taze me, Macy’s.


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