Greenbacks For Green Bags At CVS

Many stores offer discounts to customers who bring their own reusable bags to shop. Now, CVS is integrating their customer loyalty program with a green initiative, and plans to reward customers with 25 cents every time they use reusable bags.

Of course, the program isn’t perfect. For one thing, it costs 99 cents to enroll.

For 99 cents, members of CVS’ ExtraCare rewards program will get a leaf-shaped Green Bag Tag card, which can be attached to a cloth bag or knapsack. When they complete their purchases, the card will be scanned. After every fourth shopping trip, a $1 Extra Buck coupon will be printed on their receipt.

Of course, CVS can hand out more generous credits since not all ExtraCare Bucks end up being redeemed, but it’s a nice incentive for loyal customers and loyal reusable bag users.

CVS stores will offer money back for reusable bags [Providence Journal] (Thanks, hennypenny!)

(Photo: bubble dumpster)

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