GM Reveals Secret Project It Developed With Bailout Money

Finally, the truth is revealed: this is clearly where the bailout money went. Below, watch a Chevy Volt promotion song-and-dance-spectacular performed earlier this month at the LA Auto Show.

The clip ends with a tag for, which surprisingly is not about having sex outside or on boats. But who’s behind Sunpluggers? The registration info is hidden, as are all the identities of the writers, but under the “Write” section of the site it says: provides solar consumers with free information that we gather and report as independent journalists. We are not affiliated with any other organization.

So I guess they just really liked this Chevy Volt number? I mean, it is catchy and all, but it’s clearly not perfect because the dancers never spelled out the word VOLT with their bodies.

“The Chevy Volt Dance” [YouTube via OhGizmo!]

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