Reader Angered By QVC $150 Markup Wii

A reader saw the $150 marked-up Wii on QVC and became so incensed that he immediately left an impassioned voicemail on our voicemail tipline (347-422-6695). I love this thing:

TRANSCRIPT: “It just blows my mind. I’m sitting here watching QVC of all things. They’re trying to sell this terrible Wii package. They’re clearly ripping people off for it, yet thousands are buying it. It’s basically the package of stuff that comes with the box normally, a bunch of useless attachments, a bargain bin game, and yet it’s $150 more than the normal package together. I’ve seen other places that give you actually really good packages for so much less than this, and I cannot stand idly by and watch something like this happen while people are getting ripped off left and right.

At a certain point, I actually put it together that they had sold 1,500 of them, at $350 with shipping, they’re getting a half a million dollars in revenue on this alone. And by the time I’ve called you guys, they’ve probably sold almost close to a thousand more. It’s rediculous. It’s mind-numbing, it’s infuriating.

I know that the people that read this would never fall for something like this, the sheer audacity of a place like this, I can’t stand it. It’s junk they’re peddling to people, they’re preying on the stupid. I know this sounded like a rant, I wanted to get this off my chest and out to people that understand this, so you guys put this on the site, go ahead, I’d like to hear some of the feedback from other people who’ve seen this, and hopefully we can warn other people not to be swayed by this. Thank you for your time.” :: END TRANSCRIPT

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