You Must Buy Candy At Checkout

A group of candy makers, publishers, and others threw down some cash on a study to find out what the big impulse buys are at checkout counters. The not-so-surprising results: candy topped the list, at 30% of all purchases. Hey, it’s their money.

According to the study, sponsored by Mars, Time-Warner, Wrigley, Coca-Cola and others, 1% of all supermarket sales happen at the checkout counter, and the top items after candy are magazines and drinks. The three “power categories” make up 80% of all checkout purchases, and the study’s authors say that merchants who don’t plant enticing items there are missing a golden opportunity to rake in more cash.

Some key recommendations for retailers:

  • Carry Confectionery on all the checkout lanes and merchandise Confectionery on both sides of the consumer to generate impulse purchases.
  • Maximize Magazine presence at the front-end on end caps as well as in the lane to enable consumer buying opportunities. Shoppers need to browse Magazines.
  • Make sure the top selling Magazine titles are available on key lanes. It is more important to carry the right titles than a large number of titles at the checkout.
  • Make beverage coolers available to shoppers on 80% of lanes.

Looks like you may have to say goodbye to candy-free lanes if retailers take any of this seriously. At least you’ll have plenty to read while waiting on line.

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