5 Questions To Make A Doc's Head Explode

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield has a microsite game called “Resist The System” where if you ask too many questions the health care receptionist’s head explode.

The site is designed to teach patients to ask their doctors and nurses five questions when getting prescribed treatment or medication.

1. How much does that cost?
2. Is that really necessary?
3. Is there a cheaper option?
4. Is there a generic for that?
5. Has anybody out there had this before?

Perfectly reasonable and good questions. Curbing runaway healthcare costs starts in the one-on-one conversations in the doctor’s office.

However, the games back into action sites that encourage people to write to their representatives to ask what the hidden costs are of the pending health care legislation. Coupled with the site’s anti-Orwellian overtones, it’s not hard to see it as trying to stoke fears about big government intervention into health care and nudge the conversation away from legislative reform and towards individual action. But just asking five questions isn’t going to insure the uninsured. Still, we’d all be better off if we asked them more frequently of our medical service providers.

I also like the part where her face opens up and sends out hypno rays:


Seems like they went to a lot of trouble to persuade folks that universal healthcare is bad, though.

[whatstherealcost.org] (Thanks to Cahughes!)

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