Obese Students Forced To Take Fitness Class To Graduate

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania is requiring obese students to take a fitness class before they graduate, DailyTech reports.

If a student’s BMI passes a certain threshold, the overweight scholar gets to add a 3-hour-a-week class that will learn them to exercise and keep away from the pastry aisle.

Jason Mick writes:

Many of the larger members of the student body are filled with rage, confusion, and/or frustration at the new policy. Tiana Lawson, 21, an admittedly obese editor for the school’s student newspaper, The Lincolnian, wrote a terse review of the policy, saying it is unfair to single out those overweight and demand they exercise. She writes, “I didn’t come to Lincoln to be told that my weight is not in an acceptable range. came here to get an education which, as a three-time honor student, is something I have been doing quite well, despite the fact that I have a slightly high Body Mass Index.”

Do you think there’s merit to such a requirement, or is this mandate just an unfair cheap shot at a demographic that already has to deal with enough guff?

College Tells Overweight Students Take Fitness Course or Don’t Graduate [DailyTech]

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