AOL Rearranges Deck Chairs, Introduces New Logo

Close to severing ties with Time Warner and fresh off announcing that they plan to cull almost a third of their work force by the end of the year, AOL has debuted–why not?–a new logo and branding campaign. The new logo has a variety of backgrounds, but always the new name in a sans-serif font: “Aol.” Yes, with the period.

The question is, does the world even need AOL–er, “Aol.”–anymore?

“AOL had such a clear meaning in the early days of the Internet,” said Allen P. Adamson, managing director of the New York office of Landor Associates, a brand and corporate identity consultancy that is part of the Young & Rubicam Brands unit of WPP.

“To re-establish AOL as relevant today requires a massive shift in what it stands for to be effective,” Mr. Adamson said. “Being around a long time in technology is already one strike against you.”

Although to many, AOL “signals your father’s Internet,” he added, the new brand identity retains the name.


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Aol. Generation. Next. [Brand New] (Thanks, Graham!)

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