Black Friday Shopping Mayhem Roundup

For some reason, Walmart and Toys R Us stores were the focal points of this year’s Black Friday mayhem nationwide. Perhaps because the chains offer both toys for children and toys for adults–electronic ones, at least. Fights and other oddities broke out here and there nationwide. However, shoppers and store employees survived the day with no deaths, major injuries, or significant property damage.

It’s kind of sad that that’s an accomplishment. God bless America!

34159717_991be2e9f4_t.jpgRancho Cucamonga, California: After at least one fight broke out near the electronics department around 4:00 A.M, Walmart store management called the police.

Reports differ on the question of whether the store was ever closed.

pallet.jpgUpland, California: Walmart threw customers out and shut down for nearly three hours after customers tried to break into shrink-wrapped pallets of merchandise and fights broke out. Customers yelled, screamed, and pounded on the doors during the three-hour period.

Manchester, Connecticut: Customers tried to jump the line and get through the doors of the Toys R Us store shortly before midnight. Police intervened, and the store opened an hour late.

1294425256_9d4e46c736_s.jpgAtlanta, Georgia: Two men were stabbed in the Gwinnett Place mall on Friday morning. The stabbings turned out to be gang-related, not a shopping dispute. Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Indianapolis, Castleton, and Greenwood, Indiana: Police were called to multple stores after shoving and fights broke out over the limited supply of Zhu Zhu Pets and other toys.

zhuzhu.jpgJantzen Beach, Oregon: Police called to help control the crowd outside a Toys R Us after shoving and other mayhem broke out.

taser.jpgMemphis, Tennessee: A group of late arrivals tried to rush the door at opening time, but were stopped. Members of the crowd went vigilante, threatening line-jumpers with Tasers and pepper spray.

tow_truck.jpgHouston, Texas: As customers waited in line at Best Buy late Thursday night, tow trucks began hauling their cars away. The drivers assumed the cars belonged to patrons of a nightclub across the street.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Walmart SuperCenter employees called police after a scuffle broke out over discounted GPS units.

(Thanks to Kyle, Tim, Crazytree, varro, and chrisholland03 for submitting tips for this post.)

(Photos: OldManMusings, Brave New Films, Adrian__, hermanturnip,, and Lovingier) Photography)