Duck Tape Determined To Make Up For Defective Roll

“Above and Beyond” stories can come from the most mundane sources. Such as this e-mail that reader MJ sent in praise of the customer service for Duck Tape brand duct tape.

I recently had an issue with a roll of Duck Tape that ended up being bad. I bought a 2 pack of the better grade and it just wouldn’t stick like I think it should. I looked up the number and called their customer service line, they agreed that it must be bad, took some info and shipped me out 2 new rolls for free. Once I received this, I noticed that the shipping alone was more then I paid for the tape. Alas, they had sent me a double roll back, but of the wrong grade, and about half the yardage.

I called them up to let them know that they were different, and the representative pulled up my previous info, apologized several times, and had another double roll on its way. Again, another package arrived, higher shipping then my product, and 2 more rolls. Was about 20 yards shy of what I had gotten, but I am willing to accept this as more then equal trade. I am really surprised as well, as they spent almost 3 times the cost for shipping alone to make me, the customer, make sure I got my money’s worth.

To see an American made product to hold itself in such high standards and to go out of the way to make sure the customer is happy, really impressed me. As a consumer, I feel that Duck Tape and the Sure Tech brands truly need a gold star for this action.

Indeed, we will award them a silver star. Silver because it is made out of Duck Tape.

(Photo: striatic)

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