Duck Tape Determined To Make Up For Defective Roll

“Above and Beyond” stories can come from the most mundane sources. Such as this e-mail that reader MJ sent in praise of the customer service for Duck Tape brand duct tape.

I recently had an issue with a roll of Duck Tape that ended up being bad. I bought a 2 pack of the better grade and it just wouldn’t stick like I think it should. I looked up the number and called their customer service line, they agreed that it must be bad, took some info and shipped me out 2 new rolls for free. Once I received this, I noticed that the shipping alone was more then I paid for the tape. Alas, they had sent me a double roll back, but of the wrong grade, and about half the yardage.

I called them up to let them know that they were different, and the representative pulled up my previous info, apologized several times, and had another double roll on its way. Again, another package arrived, higher shipping then my product, and 2 more rolls. Was about 20 yards shy of what I had gotten, but I am willing to accept this as more then equal trade. I am really surprised as well, as they spent almost 3 times the cost for shipping alone to make me, the customer, make sure I got my money’s worth.

To see an American made product to hold itself in such high standards and to go out of the way to make sure the customer is happy, really impressed me. As a consumer, I feel that Duck Tape and the Sure Tech brands truly need a gold star for this action.

Indeed, we will award them a silver star. Silver because it is made out of Duck Tape.

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  1. Noir says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome customer service there. Wish more business were like that.

  2. Bort says:

    I agree, this is most impressive, most companies would look at the shipping price tag and think we can spend that money on getting new customers for a higher return

  3. angelwolf71885 says:

    silence is golden but duck tap is silver

  4. EdnaLegume says:

    I knew I loved duct tape for a reason.

  5. MJ Dick says:

    I checked the site as well, and out of all the colors they make, I didn’t see a gold tape. I had misspelled the company name, it is Shur Tech, sorry about that. From now on, I’m “sticking” with them and no more of the cheap substitutions.

    • MikeM_inMD says:

      At they list a yellow tape, so we could use that and call it a gold medal or star.

      • MJ Dick says:

        they have 2 yellows I saw, atomic neon, and plain yellows, but their service to me was worth more then an off gold color. :)

  6. Garybaldy says:

    Duct tape is the red headed step-child to gaffers Tape

  7. Willow01 says:

    Duct tape is like the force….it has a light side, and a dark side, and is what holds the universe together.

  8. f3rg says:

    Yay for Duck Tape! I have a ton of that tape on hand all the time, so I’m glad to hear they’re a stand-up company.

  9. morlo says:

    If I’m reading this right and MJ still ended up with a replacement that was 20 yards short, Duck gets points for effort, but not for effectiveness. Like over-priced tape that doesn’t stick.

    • psm321 says:

      Well, it’s a replacement that’s 20 yards short, PLUS rolls of a lesser grade of tape. And he was satisfied with it.

    • wvFrugan says:

      Unfortunately in this age of no customer service, any company that at least tries deserves a star. I often have experienced this type of fail, but at least it earns a pass and my potential future business consideration.

    • MJ Dick says:

      Actually, they sent me 2 rolls of the lesser tape, then when I called again, they sent the right stuff, but a slightly smaller roll.

      original purchase was 2 pack contractors 1.88 x 60 yd
      first sent me professional 1.88 x 45 yd
      second time, sent me industrial 1.88 x 50
      so yes, was a little shorted on size of the same strength, but more in yardage in total. funny thing is, the 50 yards of industrial is bigger then the 60 yards of contractors.

      either way, I think that any company that is willing to keep doing what needs done to make a customer happy is not common today, and they succeeded in winning this consumer over.

  10. stevgex says:

    Ok. I’ve taped my duck. Now what?

  11. jerrygoldsmith says:

    They aren’t the nicest company actually. A few years ago they tried suing owners of the companies that make stuff out of duct tape (wallets, hats, etc).
    They don’t even make their own tape. They buy it from ShurTape under a special contract or something.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      That doesn’t make them “not nice” – people were making products using their product, and were trying to make money off it. Regardless of whether Duck Tape makes its own tape, it is marketed under its own branding and its own company, so anyone using it to make a buck is doing so at Duck Tape’s expense.

      And Duck Tape is owned by a subsidiary of ShurTape, so it’s owned by ShurTape.

      • morlo says:

        So you think lumberyards would be justified for suing you for making and selling something out the wood you buy? Maybe people selling Duck Tape Wallets was the problem, but even then “Duck” has really become a generic term like “Kleenex,” though switching to “Duct” wouldn’t really matter because the Duck brand is worthless

      • Niphil says:

        So I suppose that all the people knitting items and selling them, after having used the yarn they bought from a store are in the wrong too? Your logic is weird.

  12. Ickypoopy says:

    Kind of surprises me that they did not just send a coupon for a free replacement of the item he ordered.

    In the past I have had issues with other small products (cookies, cough medicine, etc…) and was just sent a coupon to purchase something from anything in their brand, of equal value to what I paid for the original product. Extra points for going beyond and shipping an actual product, but was it really worth it?

    • kerry says:

      I once had a problem with a can of Campbell’s soup, there was precisely one very small dumpling in my can of Chicken ‘n’ Dumplings. I called them, they apologized and took down the lot number, then sent me about 40 coupons for soup and other Campbell’s products. I used one of the coupons to go buy a replacement can of the same soup and it had the same problem. I tried again a few months later, even confirming the lot # was different, and lo, no change. The coupons were nice and all, but it would have been better if they’d actually fixed the problem. Or maybe they just stopped putting dumplings in the soup to save money.

  13. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    There is no problem that cannot be fixed with a judicious application of Duck tape.

  14. sonneillon says:

    You know what always makes me happy. When duct tape is used to tape ducts. I get a thrill every time I see it used for the intended purpose.

  15. reechard says:

    “more then I paid” “higher shipping then my product” “more then equal trade”


    More THAN, you mean, THAN is used for comparison. Less THAN. More THAN.
    I trust you won’t make this mistake again… if you need a prescription, I’d prescribe daily doses of Grammar Girl, STAT.

    • MJ Dick says:

      Actually, if I remember my history correctly, language is to convey thoughts via spoken or written. I don’t really care about how I write to the letter of the English law, as every rule has two contradictions. But if you would like to proof read, I’d suggest you not look at today’s youth and their “lolspeek”.

      If I do make the mistake again, so be it, but you are completely missing the reason for this forum, and I hope you don’t make THAT mistake again.

  16. fjordtjie says:

    I just had the exact opposite experience with Gorilla Glue. Some jerk knocked the mirror off my car, and I have no extra monies to blow on something so trivial (and no shame), so I decided to tape it back on. I only had painter’s tape, and would get around to getting real tape later. That tape, made to stick lightly to things, lasted ALL SUMMER. When I finally got around to buying a replacement, I decided to go with the more expensive Gorilla Glue heavy duty adhesive tape. The conditions were: a thoroughly cleaned surface, 70 degrees, in the shade, not moving, and low humidity, yet an hour later, the tape had oozed itself apart. So I redid it–same thing. I sent their customer service an email laying out specifically what I had done, and how I was disappointed in their product, and they replied (I am obviously summarizing) how it is my fault and gave me a list of tips for next time, including absolutely everything I had done (and nothing else). Seriously, the adhesive on the tape pulled off of the tape, not my car, so I don’t know how it could possibly be my problem. Given the email they sent, I am also fairly certain they didn’t even read my message before labeling me a moron and giving me a generic response. I will stick with Duck Tape next time!

  17. friday3 says:

    Just as a bit of information, I think a better solution would have been to return the item to the point of purchase and exchange the item. The next post will be about how duck tape is so much more expensive than other brands and anybody who purchases the more expensive brand is fool. If the shipping was more than the roll cost, you cost the company money. I like companies giving good customer service, but this overkill comes with a cost to all of us

    • MJ Dick says:

      and just a bit of information on that note. where I bought the tape, returns are about impossible once product is open, and would be for exchange for another roll of bad tape from the same batch. when I called to check, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I was doing, but this is what they wanted to do. the store doesn’t take coupons, so that wouldn’t have helped me. the way they did help me is to do what they did, and this truly impressed me, that’s what this is about, they didn’t cut corners to make sure this was corrected. and if you read what they say, they have a satisfaction guaranty, and this is to be taken up with them, not the reseller.

  18. fredmertz says:

    Interestingly enough, “Duck” tape is actually the name of the type of tape being discussed. It was “duck” tape before it became “duct” tape to avoid trademark issues. So oddly enough, unlike Aspirin, Kleenex and Xerox, the alternative to the brand name actually took over for the brand name over time.

    • MJ Dick says:

      From the duck tape page.
      >Jack wanted customers to have a champion who represented the helpful, upbeat spirit of duct tape. Noticing that most people referred to the adhesive as “duck” tape, Jack officially renamed our product “Duck Tape” and hired a former Disney artist to create Manco T. Duck, our friendly and helpful ambassador. When Manco changed it’s company name to Henkel Consumer Adhesives in 2002, the Duck was renamed Trust E. Duck. Today, our Duck appears on all our Duck Brand products, helping our customers find fun and imaginative ways to solve life’s little problems.

  19. myntal says:

    I had a similar experience. Recently, while packing for a move, we had purchased some Scotch brand tape with a dispenser with a built in blade. When that tape ran out, we purchased some Duct brand packing tapes as it appeared to be the same size. Unfortunately, it didn’t work well in the dispenser, it kept tearing and ripping lenthwise making it hard to keep the end available. Anyway, I was tired and got on the duck tape web site and registered my displeasure. To my surprise, the next day they sent me an email asking for details and apologizing for my grief.

    In the interim, we had discovered that by using the duct tape without the dispenser, it worked fine. So, I wrote back to them and told them and apologized, saying the stuff worked fine, just would work in the dispenser. They wrote back and said they were going to send me a refund. I wrote saying that wasn’t necessary as we were able to use the tape. They wrote back and said the refund would arrive in 10 days or so. It actually arrived 3 days later.

    This is above and beyond and I’ll probably throw the dispenser away and just keep using duck brand tape because of the way they’ve treated me. Great company!

  20. pcloadletters says:

    So, did the replacement rolls of the same grade hold better? Was the original actually defective?

    • MJ Dick says:

      After looking at the original, the adhesive looked like it was just old and tacky looking. As they said, this was probably in the warehouse for too long and may have been stored to hot or cold, or they may have had a bad batch, but they wanted to make sure it was replaced. As what I needed it for, I had already finished that project, but the new tape seems to be fine.

  21. mariospants says:

    My god, if they ever started making it in China… heads would roll.

  22. Winteridge2 says:

    We’re still confused: Is it duct tape or duck tape? Can duck tape be used to tape ducts? What does the duck have to do with duct tape? Is it waterproof? Is “Duck” a brand of duct tape, or vice versa? What is the real deal?

    • MJ Dick says:

      It was duct tape, but everyone’s pronunciation of it was “Duck Tape”, so the CEO of the company renamed the company to Duck Tape.

      • organiz3d_chaos says:

        Johnson and Johnson created the tape in 1942 for the military to seal ammo cans, It was nicknamed “Duck” tape as it repelled water, The military began using it for more purposes, then when WWII was over more civilian began using it, particularly to hold ducts together, and it became duct tape…. Then in ’85 the CEO of manco changed the name to Duck Tape.

        Also, studies show that “Duct” tape is not durable enough to seal home HVAC ducts and will fail over time

  23. Cantras says:

    I must share with you a few lyrics of a song.
    [big band beat]
    Never had much luck with nails
    So-oh, I turn to duct tape
    Staples always seem to fail
    So-oh, I turn to duct tape
    Wood glue always seems to fail
    So-oh, I turn to duct tape

    When I’m stuck i turn to duct tape
    it does so much for my sake
    it makes me glad I’m awake
    every day, oh every day,

    Ohh, that’s why I turn to duct tape!
    [two more, distinct verses]

    This is an actual song. I have the mp3. The credit that came with it when I Obtained It Legally (not that I think they’d care about me downloading their ad and playing it in my house and car) was, in fact, Duck Brand Duct tape.