5 Things To Do With Leftover Turkey

The husband and wife personal finance blogging team Not Made Of Money tell you where to go and shove that leftover turkey of yours.

Among the five suggestions for budget-friendly turkey recycling is “Thanksgiving salad,” which basically involves tossing everything you’ve got into a bowl and adding all-important mayo to help with consistency and counteract the fridge-induced dryness:

Thanksgiving Salad – Lunchtime after Thanksgiving can take on a whole new personality if you make Thanksgiving salad. Mix chunks of turkey with chopped pieces of celery, onions, bell peppers and pecans. Add a heaping spoon of mayonnaise to the mixture to help it stick together. Salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate until lunchtime. Spread over your favorite sandwich bread and enjoy.

What are your favorite ways to snarf leftover turkey before it spoils?

Five Budget Friendly Meals You Can Make with Leftover Turkey [Not Made Of Money]

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