Fight Club Blu-ray Messes With Viewers

If you bought or rented the new Fight Club blu-ray and brought it back to the store convinced you rented a faulty disc, you’ve been Punk’d by director David Fincher. When the disc boots up it displays the menu for Never Been Kissed for a few seconds before showing its true Fight Club colors.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case of Fincher making fun of a bad romantic comedy behind its back. Never Been Kissed star/executive producer Drew Barrymore signed off on the gag, a PR rep for Fox explains in a press release:

As you have probably noticed, there is a Never Been Kissed gag on the Fight Club 10th Anniversary BD, evident immediately upon insertion. As promised, below you’ll find the background on this prank, which was devised by David Fincher himself.

Fincher was heavily involved in the 10th Anniversary BD and as you may know, is a bit of a prankster. As a fun gag for the Fight Club fans, Fincher wanted the Fight Club Blu-ray Disc to begin with “a fake menu” of a romantic comedy from the same year as Fight Club, as a trick on the audience. Never Been Kissed was his top choice and he eventually went to Drew Barrymore for her approval. When users insert the disc into their BD player, the menu for Never Been Kissed will pop up for a few seconds prior to the real Fight Club menu.

As you are writing your reviews of the Fight Club 10th Anniversary BD, please feel free to let your readers know about this prank and Fincher’s intentions.

Fincher should have taken the joke the extra mile and substituted the entire Never Been Kissed movie for Fight Club as some sort of anti-materialist, marketing-media complex deconstruction statement.

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