Warner Bros. Offers Discount Blu-ray Upgrade Program

Warner Bros. has thought of a way to boost sagging Blu-ray sales. The DVD2Blu program lets you mail up to 25 DVDs (discs only), with a prepaid shipping label, to a processing plant — after having paid $8 to $10 online for each film — to get new, factory-sealed Blu-ray versions sent back to you.

If you’re an HD junkie, DVD2Blu is a cost-effective way to rid your shelf of so-2005 DVD boxes and replace them with those slim, shiny blue cases. I spot-checked the Blu-ray prices on Amazon, and the program generally saves you on every title, some ($7 on Any Given Sunday) more than others ($2 on A Clockwork Orange).

Granted, it takes a mammoth 1080p TV to tell a noticeable difference between Blu-ray and an upconverted DVD. But do you videophiles out there find this program appealing?

DVD2Blu [Warner Bros.]
(Photo: frankieleon)
(Thanks, Colin!)

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