New York State Holds License Plate Fundraiser

As part of an attempt to make up a budget shortfall, New York State is holding a huge fundraiser. No, not a bake sale: starting in April 2010, the state is forcing all car and tractor-trailer owners in the state to buy new license plates when they renew their registrations. And not just any license plates. Ugly license plates.

Drivers will need to pay $25 for their new plates, and an additional $20 if they want to keep their current plate numbers. Since everyone has an extra $25 lying around these days.

The new plates, featuring a bold new gold hue and a highly reflective surface, will make the roads safer and “reflect New York’s force and its resilience,” according to the state’s commissioner of motor vehicles.

They will also generate $260 million in revenue and create more than 100 jobs – at the maximum security prison where inmates make the plates for up to 42 cents an hour.

Yes, I own a car in New York and just had new plates issued last year.

In Need of Cash, State Requiring Drivers to Buy New $25 Plates [NY Times] (Thanks, Crystal!)

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