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Airbnb Won’t Be Held Liable For Law-Breaking Listings In NYC

Back in October, the state of New York passed a new law specifically aimed at micro-hoteliers who rent out one or more New York City apartments to tourists. Airbnb immediately sued the state and the city over how the law will be enforced, and now the case has been settled. [More]


New York Seeking $180M In Lawsuit Accusing UPS Of Shipping Untaxed Cigarettes

A new lawsuit filed by the state of New York and New York City is accusing United Parcel Service of shipping more than 136 million contrabands cigarettes across the state in the last five years. Those smokes are worth a lot of tax dollars — about $5 million for NYC and $30 million for the state — and as such, the lawsuit is seeking $180 million in damages and penalties. [More]


N.Y.’s Proposal For Licensing Bitcoin Businesses Includes Plan For Consumer Protections

Maybe you still don’t know exactly what a Bitcoin is, but in case you ever want to use one, it’d be comforting to know you’ve got some protection when spending the cryptocurrency. New York has taken a step in the direction of keeping consumers’ safe with a proposed plan that sets up a regulatory framework for any business dealing with bitcoins. [More]


New York To Legalize Medical Marijuana — As Long As You’re Not Smoking It

New York is just about ready to legalize medical marijuana in the state for patients with serious illnesses — and no, your cousin Chad’s extreme boredom is not an illness — as long as patients aren’t smoking the stuff. [More]


New York Hopes Designated Highway Texting Stops Will Make You Put Phone Down

How many times have you seen a “Rest stop ahead – 10 miles” sign on a long car trip and felt relieved to know that there was coffee and bathroom facilities within reach? New York State is hoping that you will keep your phone at your side and feel similar relief when you see a sign telling you the distance to the next designated texting spot. Will the new signs change drivers’ habits?  [More]

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Do You Prefer Food Truck Sandwiches With Or Without Ethnic Slurs?

Is it okay to welcome a business with a potentially offensive name to a public space or to government property? That’s the question at the center of a dispute between an upstate New York food truck and the state government. The truck is called The Wandering Dago. Is that an offensive term in 21st-century America? [More]

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1956 Porsche 356A Catch-22: I Can’t Sell A Car That I Can’t Register

There is surely someone out there who can give this 57-year-old Porsche a good home. It belonged to the current owner’s father, but is now in disrepair and no longer runs. The problem with finding it a new home is that it’s caught in a weird legal middle ground where it can’t be sold to someone who can fix it up and get it to run because it isn’t registered, but can’t be registered because it isn’t running. [More]

New York State Holds License Plate Fundraiser

New York State Holds License Plate Fundraiser

As part of an attempt to make up a budget shortfall, New York State is holding a huge fundraiser. No, not a bake sale: starting in April 2010, the state is forcing all car and tractor-trailer owners in the state to buy new license plates when they renew their registrations. And not just any license plates. Ugly license plates.