@Couponbot Serves You Coupons Via Twitter

Shoppers are getting online coupon code crazy, with searches for promo codes up 55% from last year. But why waste your time Googling when you could be watching thewebsiteisdown.com and an armada of Twitter agents are searching for coupons on your behalf?

Dealtaker launched @couponbot to do just that.

Step 0: Have a Twitter account
Step 1: Follow @CouponBot
Step 2: Send your tweet in the following format: @couponbot storename
Step 3: Wait for your coupon tweet mentions that will look like: @youruser StoreName Coupon Title URL

examples of Top 10 store searches:
1. @CouponBot Old Navy
2. @CouponBot Amazon
3. @CouponBot Kohls
4. @CouponBot Home Depot
5. @CouponBot American Eagle
6. @CouponBot Dell
7. @CouponBot Best Buy
8. @CouponBot GAP
9. @CouponBot Macy’s
10. @CouponBot Target

Are the deals any good? Is the service useful or spamular? Give it a whirl and let us know in the comments.

DealTaker @CouponBot [DealTaker via TechCrunch] (Thanks to Dirk!) (Photo: atp_tyreseus)

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