United Says No Track Suits In First Class

How casual is too casual for an airplane’s first class section? If you paid for first class, and a bald guy in a Puma running outfit sat down across the aisle from you, would you honestly feel short-changed? United seems to think it’s inappropriate.

MyFox Atlanta DC says that Best Buy vice president Armando Alavarez’s first class upgrade was revoked last week, after the gate agent saw he was wearing a Puma running outfit. He said he frequently checks his suits and wears more comfortable clothes for the flight. You can see by the photo or the video clip below that his Puma running outfit was in excellent shape.

For those who don’t want to watch the video (are you sure? you’ll miss Alvarez talking about his Puma running outfit!), MyFox DC says Alvarez wrote a letter to United to complain about having his upgrade revoked, but he hasn’t heard back from them. The network says it contacted their customer service department three times but never heard back, either. I’m pretty sure you have to write a hit YouTube song to get United’s attention these days, Alvarez; you might want to see if Best Buy can hold a United Hates Puma Running Suits sale or something.

“Man Denied First Class Seat on United” [MyFox Atlanta] (Thanks to Diasdiem!)

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