Price Match Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against Best Buy

A class action lawsuit has been filed in Illinois against Best Buy. The suit’s claims? That the company has an official policy against price-matching their own web site. You don’t say. That claim of a special Intranet site to prevent price-matching against the chain’s Web site sounds familiar. So do most of the suit’s allegations, for loyal readers of Consumerist.

Let us refresh your memory:

Connecticut State’s Attorney’s Office Launches Investigation Into Best Buy’s Secret Intranet Site
Best Buy Refuses To Stop Misleading Customers With Secret Website
Best Buy Not Honoring Price Match Guarantee
Best Buy Accused Of Paying Bonuses To Managers Who Don’t Price Match

The problem, of course, is that while this practice is misleading, it’s not illegal.

Lawsuit: Best Buy lies [Chicago Bar-Tender] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

(Photo: Ian Muttoo)

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