Walmart Fires Security Guard For Chasing After Shoplifter Like He's In A Cop Movie

A Florida Walmart has fired one of their security officers for giving chase to a knife-wielding shoplifter who took off running across the store’s parking lot. Josh Rutner told the Star-Banner, “I couldn’t let him get away. That’s wrong.” That second sentence may be true, but security guard != officer of the law.

“I felt now that he was a danger to the public and the city,” [Rutner] said. “If he’d pull a knife on two security guards, he’d pull a knife on anyone.”

Walmart responded, “There are specific instructions as to what an associate can and can’t do during a shoplifting episode,” and Rutner says they told him it’s a non-rehirable offense, meaning he can never work at Walmart again.

“Wal-Mart fires employee for chasing after thief” [] (Thanks to David!)
(Photo: mbeldyk)

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