First Consumerist Meetup 11/4!

I just got done setting up our equipment rental to show the Internets Celebrities movies from Rooftop Films, which means that our first Consumerist meetup must be very close indeed…

Yessir It’s The First Consumerist Meetup
11/4/09 6-9pm
Botanica Bar
47 Houston St, NY NY 10012

Someone emailed me asking what sort of people would be there and whether there would be snacks. To the first, I say, I have no idea. A few Consumerist readers came when we did that panel several months ago and they seemed young and nice. To the second, I say, no, there will be no snacks. Snacks are messy. Go eat a sandwich beforehand if you’re worried. We will, however, be underwriting the liquid refreshment.

I noticed in previous posts a call in the comments for meetups in other cities. Consumerist Meetup across the nation is a very appealing idea, but we’re just going to get this new york thing, a thing we can easily stumble home from using public transit, right first.


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