WSJ 1999: "If This Is A Bubble, It Sure Is Hard To Pop"

I just found this awesome Wall Street Journal front page from 1999 covering the first time the Dow broke 10,000. It’s full of unintentionally hilarious crap that gives keen insight into how we got into this economic catastrophe in the first place. Full-size inside.

Here are a few choice headlines, subheads and phrases:

“Dow Industrials Top 10,000”

“If this Is a Bubble, It Sure Is Hard To Pop”

“Yes, the Values are Dizzying, But They Also Reflect Economy’s Rare Strength”

“The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 10000 for the first time yesterday, capturing in a single number both the astonishing success and giddy exuberance of the U.S. economy this decade.”

“Maybe we have entered a new era of propserity and profits that represents such an extraordinary break with the past that historical comparisons are meaningless.”

“A record share of Americans participate in the market, either directly with stocks or indirectly through mutual funds, and a record share of their wealth is tied up in stocks.”

“Online trading is turning personal computers into slot machines”


(Photo: Pete Kim)

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