Toys R Us Manager Says Store Will Be Open On Thanksgiving This Year

Retail isn’t a great field to be in if you enjoy having nights, weekends and holidays off. A disgruntled Toys R Us manager wrote us to say Thanksgiving, one of his three guaranteed holidays per year, will vanish in order to give the store a jump on its Black Friday competitors.

He writes:

I’m not sure if this is really pertinent to your website but I just feel like venting right now…
I am a manager with Toys R Us and have been with the company for 10 years. Today on our weekly national
conference call it was announced that we will be open on Thanksgiving Day. This may not come as a shock
to the average consumer, but to a retail worker who only typically has three guaranteed days off a year (Easter, Thanksgiving, and Xmas) this was disturbing. It was presented to the stores as capitalizing on a competitive advantage. This information is supposed to be highly confidential but I just feel like calling bullshit on these arrogant corporate assholes who will be enjoying Thanksgiving with their families whilst the true workers will be working and preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year. Also, we will be opening at midnight Thanksgiving Day to enjoy another competitive advantage.

Soon to be former Toys “R” Us Kid

Whatever Toys R Us honcho made this call must not only face guff from managers like the one who wrote us, but now will probably be visited by the ghosts of Thanksgivings past, present and future, which I’m pretty sure are totally freaky flying headless turkeys. So it’s really that guy I feel bad for rather than the manager and employees.

Who’s up for some Thanksgiving Day toy shopping?


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