PG&E Charges $1000/Month For Electricity Used In The 70's

PG&E has decided to start billing Josh’s parents for electricity from the 1970’s, to the tune of nearly $1000 per month.

Seems that some faulty meters were installed back then and now PG&E has figured out they underbilled the house. Problem is, Josh’s parents didn’t buy the house until 1986.

Josh writes:

My mother lives in a house in California that was built in the 40’s. PG&E installed a meter sometime in the early 70’s. As far back as I can remember we had to use the little meter cards, or a tech would come and read the meter personally. Now with the advent of the “smart meter” they dont have to read cards or check the meter. They can just check it remotely.

Here’s where PG&E gets dicey. They have decided to start charging my parents an extra $800-$1000 dollars per month because they say that the meters that were installed in the 70’s were faulty. When we bring up the fact that tech would read the cards or the meters themselves, they shrug it off and say that they were improperly trained. So now we are stuck paying the difference for power that was used in the 70’s (before we even moved in in 1986 might I add!). So now what do my parents do? They are content letting PG&E charge them outrageous prices for power that we didnt use, but I am a bit more up to date on consumer rights and whatnot, so I need your help on the best course of action.

Thanks a bunch,

-Josh (an aggravated PG&E customer)

Whodjawhutzit? How can that be right? What the heck is going on?

Sounds like a case for the California Public Utilities Commission, 1-800-649-7570 or file a complaint here.

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