Here's Your Virtual UPS Advertising Junk Box, Enjoy

Rhett writes, “I noticed your article UPS Now Delivers Bonus Junk Mail Packages and today, it started. I received a package from UPS Monday of this week with no bonus advertising. Today (Wednesday), this is what was on my front step.”

Let’s see, what have we got here? Something from Zappos, but we can’t tell if it’s a coupon or just an ad. There’s a decent RedEnvelope coupon if you use that site. We always tend to ignore coupons for steak and coffee services, or any type of food membership club really. Same goes for flowers, so that rules out FTD. We’re thinking the Johnson & Johnson coupon booklet might potentially be the one worth looking into here.

But really, did this pile of leaflets need a box? They could have at least thrown in some free samples. C’mon, UPS! Make with the cereal bars or razors!

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