Teen Girls Accused Of "Food Contamination" After Squeezing Muffins

We’re not quite sure what to make of U.K. grocery chain Tesco. First, the store bans a Jedi after he refuses to lower his hood. And, now, the chain is threatening legal action against two teenage girls who squeezed a couple of muffins to see how fresh they were.

According to published reports, the two 17-year-old girls, who were visiting England from Italy, squeezed two blueberry muffins, and purchased a third, before being stopped by security as they tried to leave the store. The Sun reports that, after being questioned in the store’s basement, the girls were released with a warning that included a threat of criminal charges:

Staff told them they had committed an offence of “food contamination” and gave them a document containing formal advice. The pre-printed piece of paper warned of the potential criminal action the girls faced and instructed them to call a lawyer.

A Tesco spokesperson said the girls had been seen “damaging” the muffins, adding that “they were stopped outside the shop, taken back in and told what they had done was wrong.”

We can only wonder what Tesco would have done with Mr. Whipple.

We’ll sue for muffin squeeze [The Sun]

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