Customer Finds 'Breakfast Large' Is McDonaldsese For 'Medium' … Again

Rachael wrote us last year about a New York McDonald’s policy of selling medium-sized drinks as large during breakfast hours.

Now having moved to Atlanta, she found the same policy is in effect at the McDonald’s buy her new home. She writes:

You may recall I wrote in several months ago about a McDonalds in NY that would charge for large soda in the morning, give you a medium cup and call it a “breakfast large.”

Well, I’ve relocated to Atlanta and the SAME thing happens here (sort-of). I popped into a McDonalds this morning and asked for a large diet coke with my value meal. (After asking the cashier “Can I get a large soda with a meal?” He confirmed.) I don’t drink coffee so it’s my morning caffeine.

My receipt said Medium Soda. I inquired about it and was told it was a “breakfast large”. (At least I wasn’t charged for a large like they did in NY). A gentleman next to me got a LARGE (for real) Powerade. I asked why he got a large and I got a medium and it’s still 7:30 in the morning…

Because he didn’t order it with a meal — he ordered it alone.

Does this make sense?

Now that Rachael has recorded the phenomenon in two cities, it’s time to cast a net into the comments section and discover whether this is just a New York-Atlanta thing or if it’s nationwide.

(Photo: Paxton Holley)

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