Thermos Replaces Travel Mug That Lost Its Way

Brent’s excellent Thermos travel mug lost its rubber bottom somewhere in its travels, making it difficult to use. Instead of throwing it away, he contacted Thermos to see about a replacement part. He ended up having such a great experience that he had to write in and share what happened.

Just wanted to shout out some great customer service from Thermos. My
Thermos Travel Mug lost its rubber bottom, making it pretty unstable.
They’re not that expensive, but I hate to throw away $19 of working
metal for lack of a $1 rubber bit. I emailed Thermos about getting a
replacement part. Jamie at Thermos replied and told me they didn’t
have replacement parts available, but to send it in to warranty
repairs, and they see what could be done. I dropped it in the mail
and waited, hoping they’d ship it back with a new rubber bottom.
Nothing happened for a month, so I got in touch with Jamie again and
asked if they had it and what was going on. Jamie could find no
record of them having received it (thanks USPS! no tracking number of
course. Why spend $20 shipping something that costs $20?). She
talked to her supervisor, and they are now sending me a replacement
mug, no charge! That’s way above and beyond. Anyway, great customer
service, and the Thermos Nissan mugs are the only ones that I’ve ever
had that didn’t end up leaving coffee stains on all my white shirts.

Whether it was the postal service or Thermos themselves who lost Brent’s mug, it was very kind of them to replace it, and earned them praise from an already loyal customer.

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