Finally, A Personal Finance Podcast For People Who Don't Want To Listen

The blog Personal Finance Hour is the home to a weekly live audio show with personal finance bloggers over whatever topics they like. Sometimes the conversation turns inward and focuses on trying to blog for profit, or blogging as a part time job. Sometimes the conversation is about things like remodeling your home or planning for a vacation.

What matters to me, though, is I don’t like to listen to podcasts or talk shows; for me, headphone time is music time. Thankfully, the Personal Finance Hour website provides detailed written summaries of each show, written by one of their loyal fans, Brian of They’re not transcripts, which would take too long and spoil the point of reading a summary instead of listening, and yet they’re detailed enough that you don’t have to listen to get a lot of the good stuff out of any particular episode.

Of course, you can also tune in live on Monday nights to listen, or download any previous episodes from the Blog Talk Radio page.

Personal Finance Hour
Personal Finance Hour w/JD & Jim [Blog Talk Radio]
(Photo: tranchis)

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