Washington Redskins Relent, No Longer Bankrupting Elderly Season Ticket Holder

Good news! The Washington Redskins are no longer suing a 72-year-old grandmother and real estate agent who was unable to pay for her season tickets after falling on hard times. The team has vacated the $66,364 judgment against her. Yay!

The team only took notice of her situation after her story appeared in the Washington Post on Thursday. Had she only explained her situation, this would never have happened. Never mind that she tried to do so repeatedly.

[Redskins General Counsel David] Donovan’s e-mail began: “I was sorry to read in the Post your account of your financial difficulties that prevented you from being able to pay for your Redskins Club Seats in 2008. I wish that you had returned our calls in 2008 or reached out to me in response to the letters I and others had sent you and explained your situation. If that had happened, we never would have proceeded with the claim against you.”

Hill said she phoned Donovan when she got home Friday night from a day at a real-estate office where she is trying to jump-start her flagging sales practice. She said she told Donovan that she had called the Redskins repeatedly and once drove to the team’s ticket office at FedEx Field.

Hill said she had attempted to get a waiver of a year or two in her contract. “I must have talked to them eight or nine times,” she said. “I talked to a number of different people.”

Congratulations, Redskins, on being slightly less terrible than we thought you were earlier this week!

Redskins Tell Va. Grandmother She Doesn’t Have to Pay $66,364 Judgment [Washington Post] (Thanks, G&A!)

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(Photo: Linda Davidson – The Washington Post)

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