Credit Union Celebrates Labor Day By Limiting ATM Transactions To $40

How are you spending the long weekend? If you’re one of 2,000 Arizona Federal Credit Union customers affected in a Visa security breach, we hope you weren’t planning a trip out of state.

Customers affected in the data breach won’t be able to obtain more than $40 from an ATM outside of Arizona. If the ATM charges a fee (and really, what ATM doesn’t charge a fee to non-customers?) then the customer is limited to only $20.

Credit union President and CEO Ron Westad confirmed that AFCU instituted the $40 credit limit for some of its customers; however, he also said the 2,000 customers affected represent only 1 percent of credit union members.

If customers need cash, Westad recommended customers use their Visa debit cards at businesses that offer “cash back.”

If you were affected, would you feel secure that your bank was proactively protecting you from fraud, or annoyed that they can put limits on your account with no prior warning?

AFCU Sets $40 ATM Withdrawal Limit [KPHO]

(Photo: Listener42)

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