US Airways Will Serve You A Cup Of Ramen For Only $3

US Airways recently debuted a new snack menu for their coach passengers, and it’s posted online.. It’s not that it’s bad, or even unreasonable. It just makes the snacks at the airport gift shop look like a discount grocery by comparison.

The “Bites” menu is the most confusing, probably because I struggle with the concept of paying someone to pour water in an Instant Lunch cup and serve it to me.

– Quaker Oatmeal Express Golden Brown Sugar $3
– Maruchan Instant Lunch – Chicken $3
– Pringles Chips – Original $3
– Nabisco Mini Oreo Cookies $3
– Twizzlers – Strawberry $3
– Planters Daybreak Blend Apple Cinnamon Trail Mix $4
– Blue Diamond Almonds – Roasted Salted $5

The menu also features a breakfast “Fruit, cheese and meat platter” ($7), sandwiches and salads for dinner, and, interestingly, cocktails for $8. Because there’s nothing like a premixed pomegranate martini when flying to a conference in Houston.

If they’re going to charge for in-flight meals, this isn’t too bad, but the lack of vegetarian options that aren’t up in the “snack” column is a little dismaying.

Soda and coffee, however, remain free.

US Airways MarketPlace™ – food, drinks & more (Thanks, Marti!)

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