Tricky Plays 'Hide The Gift Receipt Policy'

G.C. had a rough outing while trying to navigate tricky to find a gift receipt policy.

G.C. writes:

I recently placed an order with and requested complimentary gift boxes (flat, unassembled boxes for wrapping gifts yourself, different from the premium gift packaging service that carries an extra charge). When I received my order, the invoice was in the form of a gift receipt. Gap customer service informed me that since I had requested complimentary gift boxes, my entire order was considered a gift, and a gift receipt had automatically been generated for my order. I was told that I could not receive a regular invoice in addition to the gift receipt because only one invoice (either regular or gift) could be printed per order. I can only receive store credit for my entire order, including items I had not purchased as gifts. (Gap retail stores, however, can print gift receipts in addition to original purchase receipts)

Had I known this, I would forgone the boxes, but the gift receipt policy (the policy of issuing gift receipts, not return w/ gift receipts policy) on the site is not easily accessible to shoppers. It is not located on the “Gift Services” page linked on the bottom of all Gap pages. It can only be located after clicking on “Customer Service,” then clicking the “Gift Card Info” link under the “As You Shop” section. For someone requesting complimentary gift boxes and neither purchasing nor paying with a gift card, that section appears irrelevant. However, after clicking on the link, the page is distinctly marked “Gift Cards & Gift Services,” not “Gift Card Info.” The Banana Republic and Old Navy sites, however, place their gift receipt information under links titled “Gift Cards & Gift Services,” whereas Piper Lime and Athleta both place such information under links titled “Gift Card Info” in the same manner as Gap.

I’m irritated that I’m now stuck with store credit for returning items from my order because they don’t place their gift receipt issuance policy in a logical place for shoppers to find it. At least they don’t scan driver’s license information when you do returns.

The lesson to be learned here: If you request complimentary gift boxes, don’t plan on ever getting your money back from Gap. Exchanges only.

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