Top Five Hotels For Having Affairs

ABC News has named the top five hotels for having an affair, and the No-Tel Motel and Easy 8 are nowhere on the list.

Instead, the story — dubbed a travel piece — lists classy joints, such as the Peninsula Beverly Hills and the Il Palazzetto in Rome. It turns out an entire industry has sprung up around philandering, and I doubt any of the named hotels would turn away business from well-off travelers looking to get busy.

The story says:

“Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, an affair is often about romance. Not everybody wants to check into a seedy motel,” said Noel Biderman, president of, a matchmaking site for would-be cheaters. “Some people do want to have a vista, beauty.”

So, Consumerists? What are the qualities that make a hotel good for cheating, you know, if you were into that sort of thing?

Shh! The Top 5 Hotels for Having an Affair [ABC News]
(Photo: The Consumerist)
(Thanks, Scott!)

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